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    Easily link your brand using the convenience of TAP technology, streamlining communications with simplicity.


    Completely encrypted and programmable, this all-in-one digital marketing (and beyond) solution is suitable for any industry.

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    Digital marketing and consumer/enterprise marketing solutions. Cultivating creativity and exploring possibilities for you to build an audience and have better engagement with your online presence. BRANDING BADGE - which started off as a solution to easily communicate your contact, is emerging into a digital marketing tool and professional services to provide better exposure, brand awareness, and effortless customer engagement.

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    Convenience is key in today's world, and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is revolutionizing communication by making it easier than ever. With TAP.IN, you can effortlessly access the next digital display on your NFC-enabled device, whether it's movie trailers, commercials, up-and-coming artists' content, or even your own brand materials. It's a seamless way to instantly share your social media and online presence, and quickly exchange contact information by saving it directly on the NFC-enabled device. TAP.IN brings limitless possibilities with its innovative NFC-based solutions.

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